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It has been proven that having a qualified and experienced Realtor® on your team will make your transaction less stressful with a greater chance of satisfaction after close. WinnList hand selects our Realtors® based on our extensive criteria.  All our Agents referrals has been interviewed and passed all of WinnList Superior Standards.

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How can we offer this service At No Cost To You? WinnList is paid a referral fee at the close of your property directly from the Select Agent’s brokerage office.  Referrals are a common practice in real estate and knowing WinnList is guiding you to an ethical, hardworking, and quality Realtor®, you reap the benefit.


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Our gift to you at the successful close of your transaction using our WinnList Select Agent, you will be sent a $100.00 gift card of your choice.

Here are the options:

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› Visa Cash Card 

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